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Clutter Maintenance Mode: Do the 15 Minute Boogie

Being in clutter maintenance mode is different than being in the midsts of a giant clutter purge. One of the things I’ve discovered in the years since I dumped my clutter is that small actions make a biiiiig difference. It’s like before I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of […]

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Releasing My Inner Sparkle Pony

Working any job can turn off the creative switch. It’s so easy to come home and feel too tired to do anything inspired. In the past year I looked for inspiration in embroidery, resin art, pillow- making, and making barrettes from brass stampings. All of these activities had one thing […]

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uncluttered bedroom

Reflections on Less, How Living as a Minimalist Has Affected Me

Last time I was blogging regularly I had a lot of flux happening in my life. I had built a tiny house with my partner and we were trying to make a go of cohabiting the same patch of land as my mother-in-law. In the long run we decided it […]

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simple living time to smell the flowers

Don’t Worry the Ativa Clutter Cutter Md 500 is Here to Save the Day

I was randomly researching keyword phrases for the term clutter a few months ago and I ran across some funny ones I just had to share with you. These are real search terms. I didn’t make them up! Enjoy: Ativa Clutter Cutter MD 500: The Ativa Clutter Cutter MD 500 model […]

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blue blanket clutter

Simplifying Problem Stuff

I’m typically pretty down to earth with the way I decorate, but I have noticed over the years that there are different style diva’s living inside me, all with their own idea of what constitutes perfection. It’s a recipe for ending up with an eclectic decorating scheme for sure, especially […]

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simple really is simple

What Does Simple Really Mean?

Patrick and I grew up with different backgrounds. He grew up playing on hundreds of acres of West Virginia mountains and I grew up (largely) in a landscaped middle class suburbia. One of the big differences we encountered was in regards to pets. I didn’t have a lot of pets […]

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That’s a Wrap: One Year of Blogging

“If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” -Henry David Thoreau *** THE SHORT Minimalist Packrat is one! It’s been a wonderful year and a grand experiment in right […]

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99% and The Lost Art of Being Gentle With Yourself

*Image courtesy of The Truths of Life. In our society there’s a certain push to keep going. If you have a headache and it’s a workday, you take an aspirin and keep on going. If you’re a woman and you have your period, you pretend there are no cramps and […]

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ladder cats

Ladder Cats and Living With Roommates

Today it has rained. It has rained so much the mothball smell is finally leaving the second hand curtains I bought, the ones hanging on the line. It has rained so much that pinecones have loosened from the pine tree hovering over our tiny house, and pelted the cones down […]

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how to be a good minimalist

How to Be a Good Minimalist

  1) Toss Your Excess: Minimalism is a lot more than getting rid of your junk, but it’s an essential first step. As you clear your attics, your basements, your closets, and your car, you’ll come to realize that something bigger is changing than just  your outward physical space. You’re […]

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simple fall living

Simple Weekend Ideas for Fall

This fine fall weekend we’re going to a 50 acre botanical garden in Orlando with a friend. I’m excited for the outing and I can’t wait to see what kind of pictures we get. I consider it a minimalist weekend outing.  We’ll drive and use gas, pay an admission, probably […]

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something-in-focus copy

Submit Your Blog to the 2012 All-Star List of Minimalist Blogs

Hey everyone. Today’s the day that I open up submissions for the 2012 All Star List of Minimalist Blogs. Want to see your blog submitted? Head on over to the submissions page. I’m really excited to see the list grow and expand from this year’s list. 2011 was the first […]

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Pathways in Your Home

I used to block pathways in my home. It wasn’t a consciously decided intention, it was an accidental reoccurrence. A continuous dropping of loads of crap right inside my front door, by the entrance to the living room, at the base of the stairs, on the stairs…. ahem, at the […]

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A Minimalist Take on Collections: Incense Edition

Incense used to be a small part of my life. I loved it, but if I’d made a list of the top ten most important things in my life incense wouldn’t have made the list. Despite incense being a relatively small component of my world, I had a robust and […]

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Take It Back

Yesterday I was listening to some Pink Floyd tunes and came across an old favorite called, “Take It Back”. I’d heard this song many times before but as I listened yesterday, I picked up a different message. The song is written as though to a woman, but the woman to […]

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