The 2011 All Star List of Minimalist Blogs

Note: The List will be updated for 2012. Accepting submissions for the 2012 list until the end of November 2011. Submit here.

The 2011 All Star List of Minimalist Blogs is finally here. It’s a minimalists extravaganza! I want to say a big thanks to Francine from Miss Minimalist. She shared her list with me and I added it to mine making this the biggest minimalists directory that I know of, with over 100 blogs listed! Did I miss someone? Do you want your minimalist blog added? Leave a link and description in the comments! The list of minimalist bloggers is alphabetical and it’s a long scroll, so you may want to bookmark the page for reference.

365 Less Things: Colleen’s blog is a fun, chatty place with a big focus on decluttering inspiration and mini-missions to get you going. She spent a year tossing 1 piece of clutter every day. You won’t find much minimalism talk but you will find tons of clutter inspiration!

 Analisis Realista: Omar has a Spanish written blog on minimalism and productivity. My Spanish is poor but I know he’s writing about simplifying and minimalism because I can make out a few words! If you want a Spanish blog on the minimalist lifestyle Omar’s your go-to guy.

 Annie Enygma: Annie Brewer is one sassy and strong lady. She doesn’t pull any punches and she tells it like it is. You’ll find no-holds barred posts on living the simple life, life inspirations and minimalism at her blog. She offers the perspective of a single mom living in Kentucky.

 Art of Minimalism: Mike Donghia recently changed his focus. He’s writing more about ethical business and how to create an online business. He’s still sneaking in some minimalist lifestyle posts so I’ve kept him on the list!

 A Life Set Free: Marianney writes about freedom, simplicity, saving money, business ideas, wordpress tips and a little bit about uncluttering. She’s got a fun vibe and I’ve been enjoying Marianney’s neck of the minimalist woods lately.

 A Walk to Simplicity: Jody has a great perspective and I need to go spend some more time on his blog! He’s a recent find for me. What I like so much about Jody’s blog is his strong emphasis on nature. He has groovy posts like 5 Lessons from a Tree. And he makes vegan soap!

Becoming Minimalist : Joshua Becker is warm and inspiring. His blog has wonderful nuggets of wisdom for moderate minimalists (and aspiring minimalists) from a family and kids perspective. He also offers a Christian perspective, though it doesn’t dominate his blog.

Be More With Less : Courtney Carver has a serene and inspirational lifestyle blog. She blogs about a wide variety of subjects, all with a focus on simple living such as food, health, wellness, money and minimalism. A visit to Courtney is like a day at the beach.

Beth Aron : Beth offers the perspective of a woman in her 50′s who lives alone taking up the minimalist lifestyle. Go check out Beth and follow along as she walks her path towards a simple life.

Castles in the Air : Nina Yau offers a radical minimalist perspective with a strong focus on independent business and travel. Many of her posts focus on concepts like rediscovering your purpose, finding your creative muse, and working for yourself.


Channeling Bliss : Laurie Sutton has a fun blog with one sole purpose, discovering joy! She has a wonderful, upbeat perspective and whenever I need cheering up I head over to Laurie’s Bliss Blog. She writes on a variety of subjects with one common theme, rediscovering happiness.

Crunchy Minimalist : Who runs Crunchy Minimalist? Anonymous! I do know it’s a married couple with, get this, 9 children. Yep! Want a minimalist journey perspective with lots of green living thrown in and an 11 member household? You know where to go.


Daily Bread: Jill is an amazing lady. I’ve loved following along and watching her decluttering progress. At Jill’s blog you’ll find the most organized home ever! You’ll also be able to follow along on her journey to a moderately minimized life from a family perspective, complete with two homeschooled daughters.


Declutter 100 : Declutter 100 is another anonymous blog, but with a fun little angle. He/she is committed to decluttering their life in 100 hours. Not 100 consecutive hours, but 100 hours as they have time. It’s full of short, snappy posts about their progress (with stuff they’re decluttering for sale too).

(De(content)ment) : Arron Hodden is a single parent living a simple, minimalist life in the rural midwest. He doesn’t hold any punches. I love his fresh, honest perspective on what it takes to live a simpler, saner and happier life. Honesty is the key word with Arron’s writing style.


Downsizing: Seth is a new minimalist blogger. Many of his posts focus on the nuts and bolts of his personal downsizing journey. You’ll see the expected gratuitous clutter shots and hear his tales of how he’s minimizing his life.


Elevated Simplicity : Eric LaForest is described by his friends as a “lovable asshole” on his about page. And that sums up the in-your-face, honest to goodness, real deal Eric you’ll find on his blog. He posts on subjects like simple living, health, emotional states,  and it’s all out of this world good.


Every Day Minimalist: Serena is a “corporate minimalist”. She moves and travels frequently for work. Along the way she adopted a minimalist lifestyle to make it easier. She blogs from a very contemporary perspective and you won’t find any deprivation at Every Day Minimalist. She loves pretty things… just less of them. :) You’ll find lots of quick, fun real life posts!

Everything I Dreamed : Jaime has a simple living perspective of a wife and mother. Her posts are beautiful with engaging photos of special simple moments in her life. She touches on crafting, cooking and living a simpler and more fullfilling life. Everything I Dreamed is a dreamy, beautiful blog. Very inspirational for people with young children.


Ex Consumer: Jenny is all about saving more, spending less, ditching debt, and making more. She’s a money blog coming from a non-consumer angle. She’s also just launched two weeks ago! Her blog is like the minimalism of money blog. Check her out!

Exile Lifestyle : I’m not even sure what Colin Wright’s blog is about. He’s an extreme minimalist traveler and his posts travel the whole giant world of writing topics. You never know what you’ll find, but it’s all superbly written and fresh.


Expedition Minimalism : Elle’s blog is a fun take on minimalism and she’s the only minimal blogger I know with a black colored template! You’ll get minimalist musings, decluttering stories and interesting food tidbits. A little bit of everything!


Fabulissime : Hasina has an eye for minimalist style and often blogs with the most gorgeous photos! You’ll find posts about her continuing renovations of her space. Her Canadian based blog is a treat for minimalism from a design perspective.


Fenikkusu: David’s spot is a tumblr, known for their minimalist blog layouts. Cool! He shares photos and posts about his journey to minimalism in that old-fashion blogging way, like a journal. A nice read!


Get Clutter Free : Get clutter free is a blog by Neetika from New Delhi, India. She covers posts on decluttering, simplifying, living with less, and a touch of green environmental living.


Get Off This Wheel : Bernie and Don run this funny, sharp blog. They cover the minimalist movement, cutting back on spending, healthy living, sustainability and the green movement, and really funny videos (at least 1 so far).


Gip Plaster: Gip (yep, that’s his name) blogs about minimalism, simple living, frugal living, and conscious spending. He’s got a groovy way of looking at the world and I really enjoy his writing style. I gotta head over to Gip’s more often!


Greenimalist: I first ran into Aaron and Hsinya when they were featured on Miss Minimalist and I got SOOO excited! They’re blogging up green goodness and minimalism in style and I really need to add them to my rss feed. I’ll do it right now!


Green Minimalist: Michael is a minimalist blogger in the U.K. with a strong green living and sustainability angle. He’s a sometimes blogger, which means he blogs for fun and on occasion rather than all the time.


Ground Up Life: Kevin and Allison blog about their journey to simplicity. They focus on minimizing and on freeing themselves from debt so they can spend more time with their kids. It’s a moderate family minimalist approach you’ll find.


Guy Named Dave: Dave started the 100 Thing Challenge. Now contrary to what you might think, Dave isn’t an extreme minimalist, he’s a moderate minimalist family guy finding his way towards a life better lived with less stuff. A wonderful read and a definite rss addition.


Handmade Brain: Nate’s got an interesting platform. He’s focused on shifting people from consumers to producers. This puts him straight in the minimalist/sustainability camp. A good place to be! Also talks about micro-businesses.

Happy as Clams: Happy Clam and Mr. Handsome are digital nomads who travel for work. They’re blog is under a pen name because of their work. Happy Clam intersperses posts about minimalism with gorgeous photography that she has taken from around the world on her travels.

Ha Nui Loa: Aloha. Gena and Jeff  blog from Hawaii about following dreams, living simply and traveling slowly. A big part of their writing is centered around (ahhhh) kicking back, taking things easy, and enjoy life in the slow lane.

Hi Life 2 B : John Anyasor is a location independent minimalist who writes on personal development, motivation, and life changing. He writes really long posts (like me!) and it’s always fun to see what he’s come up with next. No decluttering tips here though.


Inside Thread: Andrea blogs about yoga, simple living and minimalism… in that order! Her blog is more of a yoga blog than a minimalist blog, but she does do minimalist posts now and again so I’ve included her.


Jurino : Jurino reminds me of a poet. I just adore him! He writes from a philosophical perspective on minimalism and encourages his readers to look deeper into their actions and how those actions affect the world around them. He’s a dreamer, a humanitarian and a philosopher. Absolutely check him out. He’s got a European perspective as he’s based out of the Netherlands.


Kat Simplified: Kat’s got style. She’s got a gorgeous Lassie dog named Sebastian and mid-century modern furniture. She’s also got a fun blog on her decluttering process and musings on minimalism. Kat’s a good read and I love checking her out.

Katy Dunnet : Katy writes on minimalism, decluttering, finances (budgeting), travels, and silly, funny posts that make you crack a big smile. Katy lives minimal, lives single, travels frequently and experiences life in a pretty darn exciting way.


Lean Mean Minimalist: Adam’s focus is all minimalism, all the time. While many minimalist bloggers wander into health, happiness and lifestyle topics, Adam stays tightly focused in his writing. He comes from the perspective of a family moderate minimalist with a wife and three children. He’s also got an international perspective as he’s living in Taiwan.


Less is More Jesus: Vee, if you couldn’t tell from her domain name, blogs about minimalism and simplicity from a Christian perspective. She has just (and I mean just) started so it’s hard to tell what she’s going to write about. So far she’s doing posts on decluttering.


Less Please: Carwin’s blog is a great community spot. He’s open-minded towards all types of minimalists and simple living folks. He writes well-thought out posts on the meaning of downsizing, the practical applications of doing it, and his own personal journey to a more minimalist lifestyle. He’s got good energy!


Life More Lived: Sara writes about creativity, minimalism and simplicity in a dreamy poetic way. You’ll find her topics range wide from food to fashion to sustainability. She writes what’s on her mind and in her heart.


Listen Feel Breathe: David is an Australian minimalist blogger. His statement about what his blog is about is so pretty I didn’t change it for my own. Here it is: In finding space and time to listen, feel and breathe we find freedom.


Living the Balanced Life: Bernice would be the first to protest being included in a list of minimalist bloggers, but I’ve put her in anyways! Why? The lovely Bernice is all about simplifying, her approach is through simplifying life, stress, and emotional fatigue. If you need to slow down, visit Bernice!


Magnificent Minimalist: An anonymous pictorial blog about minimalism. The magnificent minimalist puts up cartoons every day with a minimalist theme. Not a lot of words, just a bunch of drawings. Funny!


Minimalism Defined: Jennys’ really fun. She writes short, quick posts with quick inspiration tips for going minimalist. She also (wow I’m jealous) does video blogging where she shares off her space and who she is. Jenny’s blog is the perfect spot for quick bolts of inspiration when you need them!


Minimalist Adventures: Dusti is an extreme minimalist, but her blog is less about minimalism and more about freeing your life kind of posts, sort of reminiscent of Everett Bogue. if you want personal development style posts go check her out. No comments enabled though, something I always miss when bloggers go that route.


Minimalist at Home: Faith is amazing. She is a minimalist living in a 10 person minimalist household. I get inspiration from her real-life family minimalist posts all the time. If you want inspiration for family and children minimalism Faith is the number one spot to head to!


Minimalist Freak: Marc is a Texas minimalist. What I like about his blog is that he’s often including his son in the posts. His son will take photos of the clutter spots and chime in with thoughts. Minimalist Freak is a nice read and a spot I need to head over to more frequently than I have in the past.


Minimalist Lifestyle: Mark is a Canadian minimalist who went from having a big house and business to comfortably downsizing his life to the important stuff. He writes quick thoughtful posts on minimalism, healthy living, sustainability, and consumerism.


Minimalist Muscle: Ben got me with this one. I had no idea there was a minimalist fitness movement! Evidently there is and he’s an advocate for it! You’ll find lots of minimalist exercise tips here with a little extra minimalism chat on the sidelines.


Minimalisto: Sergio shares his minimalist journey on his blog touching on minimalism and decluttering as well as other ways to simplify one’s life. He writes fun, personal posts on hiding his i-phone from himself and watching less tv to focus on more reading.

Minimalist Packrat: Hey, that’s me! I’m Tanja and I write about minimalist lifestyles, simple living, sustainability, and decluttering. I’m a fairly extreme minimalist, but many of my posts are from a moderate minimalist approach.

Minimalist Photography 101: Steve is a wonderful photographer who blogs about how to take minimalist photos. Awesome resource for photographers and minimalists and minimalists who want to be photographers! As a terrible photographer I need to spend more time getting wisdom from Steve. 


Minimalist Wannabe: An anonymous Canadian minimalist blogging her way through her decluttering experiences while… drum roll… living with a packrat and two teens. This is a new blog and I’m intrigued to see what she does with it!

Minimalist Woman: I’m trying not to play favorites with anyone on this list, but Meg is one of my absolute faves! She writes thoughtful artistic posts on her minimalist adventures and I always finish a post of hers with a serious amount of pondering and personal reflection. She’s got style and a great writing voice and she’s in my top ten of favorite minimalist blogs.


Minimal Mark: Mark is a new find for me and I like his style. His blog is set up a la’ Leo style, very minimalistic and I really like the look of it. It’s not just looks though, he writes thoughtful retrospectives on odd little topics like minimalist beekeeping and loving your books enough to set them free. Mark is one to watch for sure…


Minimal Student: Jessica has style. She blogs about the deeper philosophy behind minimalism rather than the how to become a minimalist posts you see in a lot of places. She’s got a nice feel. Very inviting!


Minimoilist: Lexie has been an exciting find. She’s blurring the lines between minimalism and sustainability. Both subjects are something I’m really into so I’ve been watching her closely!She’s a new 2011 minimalist blogger and I have a feeling she’s going to touch a lot of people with her posts.


Minimomist: Another anonymous blog. Minimom calls herself a realistic minimalist. I like it! She posts on minimalism, parenting, upcycling, and green living. Not a lot of photos. The focus is on the writing.


Miss Minimalist: Francine, just like Meg, is one of my absolute faves. She feels like the coziest spot in my house, where I curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. I’ve personally dubbed Francine as the provider of gentle minimalism. She writes gracefully on decluttering, minimizing and finding that sweet spot in life where “just enough” is perfect.


Mnmal: Mnmal is an artistic and anonymous blog that I still haven’t quite figured out. There are short posts with pictures and sometimes a thought or two and people post notes instead of comments. If you like an artistic flair with your minimalism you’ll probably love mnmal!


Momentum Gathering: Now Katie probably doesn’t fit the bill as a minimalist blogger, but I love what she’s doing so I put her in my list. Katie is like minimalism for the mind. She writes thought-provoking posts about deepening relationships with those around you and with yourself. Love it!


Mouvement Minimaliste: This is a French blog put out by a dame named Florence. I don’t read French but maybe you do!


One Dress Protest: Kristy’s got a fun thing going on. She’s blogging her way through 2011 sharing her experiences of life wearing the same dress every single day! It’s her one dress protest and it’s a personal revolt against consumerism, unethical practices in the fashion world and reclaiming her sense of identity.


One Less Journey: Susan is an Australian who uses the “H” word. Now I don’t know what “H” word you’re thinking of, but I’m thinking of hoarder. Her blog shares her journey from hoarder to minimalist. Me, I’ll stick with packrat. It’s a tiny “p” word compared to that big “H” word! Join Susan as she declutters her life!


On Minimalism: Val is fun. Really fun. And she keeps it real too. She comes up with snazzy post titles like, “5 Impractical Things I own Because I’m not Perfect”. She’s a moderate minimalist college student who’s sharing her road less traveled lifestyle. 


Optimize Minimalism: I almost didn’t include this one because it seems like a news aggregator that takes lots of snippets from minimalists posts around the web and links back to them. But… then I thought maybe some folks would like that? You tell me. Is optimize minimalism a real blog or not?


People Not Stuff: Reggie wrote an article recently for his hometown newspaper that blew me away. He’s not a frequent blogger and I’ve mostly put frequent bloggers in this list, but that newspaper article makes it worth keeping him here! Reggie’s busy with life and blogs only on occasion. Seems to me he’s got it right! More people, less time writing about stuff. Go check him out.


Project 333: This is Courtney’s spin-off blog from Be More With Less. It’s her minimalist fashion challenge that’s gotten quite popular. She recently created Project 333 probably as a way to keep the challenge from taking over her main blog! It’s the perfect spot for folks doing her challenge to meet up and chat.


Pursuing Serenity: This is a lifestyle design blog about an anonymous someone quitting their corporate job, going minimalist, and starting to travel and live life more fully. Probably fits in the extreme minimalism/digital nomad category. Wish she included her name!


Raccourci Minimaliste: Damien is a French minimalist blogger. At least, I’m pretty sure his blog is in French! I don’t read it so I’m guessing. But… if you read French go check him out. If you don’t read French then just go enjoy the pictures.


Radical Turtle: Leslie is a teen blogger sharing her experiences and experiments with personal development, health and minimalism. Isn’t it cool that there are teen bloggers doing minimalism?


Raising Your Game: Joe has the perspective of a college student gone minimalist, juggling a masters dissertation, another blog and life. He touches on repurposing and personal development along with his minimal adventures.


Rebel Lemming: What a name! I love it. Let me say it again, Rebel Lemming. Tessa writes about simplicity in living, food, thought and more. She’s got the perspective of a Dutch living in the U.K. finding her way to simplicity.


Regards from the Balcony: Tony touches on lots of topics from minimalism to healthy eating, simple living, adventuring and finances. He has the wisdom of a traveler and the wit of someone who’s done some thinkin’ in his time.


Rethinking the Dream: Freedom blogs a lot like me. Join him on a rollicking adventure as his family of three downsizes from the American dream to a simple living xanadu. You’ll find lots of dazzling before and after clutter shots and straight up decluttering inspiration.


Ridiculously Extraordinary: Karol (pronounced Karl) is a minimalist who blogs about freedom, health, travel and life. At times he pops in a post about minimalism as well. Karol is a great motivator and takes the most commonplace subjects and tweaks them until you’re looking at life from a new fresh perspective. I’m a big fan of what Karol’s got going on.

Rowdy Kittens: Tammy blogs about simply living, tiny house living and her downsizing journey. You’ll find a healthy sprinkling of green living and happiness posts too. She’s fun and down to earth.


Semi-Material World: Lisa’s a fun gal. I just ran into her recently. She’s a Canadian minimalist in progress who shares tales of her secret crush on her frying pan and forgoing the perfect polyster pants in favor of project 333. She’s fun and I’m interested to see what she gets into!

Simple. Organized. Life. : David’s got simple living in his blood. How do I know? It comes out in his writing. He’s all about simple living, simple things and enjoying life at it’s simplest!There’s flavor here, subtle well seasoned flavor.


Simplicity in Stages: An anonymous blog about the gradual process of incorporating minimalism and simple living into a (presently) busy lifestyle.


Simply Optimal: Gianpaolo is a minimalist, but he blogs more about lifestyle design. You’ll find lots of personal development posts on his blog.


Simple Black Coffee: Craig blogs his own personal decluttering journey as well as his musings on the excessive consumerism in America and the minimalist lifestyle.


Simple Life Prattle: Allan is one of my top fave bloggers. I always feel a little closer to the simple life of country living whenever I swing by. It could be me pining for rural life again, but it’s more than that, Allan is an artist with the written word. Love him!

Simple Savvy: Christine’s been blogging about simple living and green living since 2008 so she’s got a couple years under her belt. She’s light on the minimalism thang’ medium on the simple living thang’ and real heavy on the sustainable green living thang’. It’s a nice mix and a great blend.


Slam: Luinae is the second teen blogger I know of who’s blogging about minimalism. Exciting! She shares her musings on life, empowerment and minimalism from a teenage perspective.


Smash Your Television: Laura got a great name didn’t she? Despite her extreme domain, Laura’s posts are more moderate minimalism with a healthy dose of green living thrown in. She’s a college student with big green living plans for after graduation.


Southern Simplifying: Laura blogs about simplifying, minimalism, and a life less burdened from a southern perspective. She’s a lot of fun and has a knack for putting a new perspective on every day subjects.


Stepping My Way to Bliss: With Bliss you’re going to get a wide variety of different topics. There are show-cased special delights, dog posts and daily life posts mixed in with minimalism. What I like about Bliss is her real world feel. It’s like stepping into her life for a moment every time I read a post!


Suburban Satsangs: Tamara is a blast. She meanders around the soulfulness of home life like a deva. Not a diva. Like a deva! I fell in love with her blog the moment I read her minimalist haircut post. Go discover it for yourself!


Teenage Minimalist: Sarah is a 15 year old teen minimalist blogging about her journey. She’s the third teen minimalist who’s making a debut on this list. How exciting is that!

The Brave New Few: Greg is an Australian writing about minimalism 2.0, you won’t find decluttering posts here, but you will find insightful posts about how minimalism can change society. If you want the philosophy of minimalism Greg has it covered.


The Cracky Farm: Kellie describes herself as an office slave with crushing debt. She’s finding her way through the consumerist mindset and onto the path of minimalism. Kellie’s got a fun style that will make you sit up and want to join her very own cracky farm. Love it!


The Experimental Life: Scott wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s one of the first minimalist bloggers I found and I adore him. He writes about minimalism, but also does lovely life experiments, 30 day challenges to view the world in  a different light. I really, really like what Scott does.

The Minimalist: Now the anonymous creator of the the minimalist has gone on hiatus. No new posts since September 2010. I’ve included them because they’ve been blogging about minimalism since 2005 and may, hopefully come back on the scene again!

The Minimalist Guy: Ahmad blogs from Malaysia about minimalism. I love getting international perspectives on the minimalist lifestyle! He doesn’t blog too frequently but you can expect at least one post a month from him.


The Minimalist Mom: Rachel hails from Vancouver and shares her family perspective on minimalism. You’ll find lots of snappy posts on minimalism often coming from a mom’s perspective. Minimalist moms have the perfect spot over at Rachel’s blog.


The Minimalist Path: David writes about minimalism and personal development. He’s taken a bit of a hiatus as the last post showing is a Christmas post and we’re well into February now. But I’ve kept him included in case he picks up the blogging again. And I thought I heard he sold this site, but his name is still on the about page, so maybe that was a rumor?

The Minimalists: Joshua and Ryan take an intellectual approach to minimalism.

The Musings of David Kra.User: David is one of those artistic minimalist bloggers. He has very short posts focused on topic at a time. He’s a digital minimalist and I have a feeling I could learn a lot from him.

The Order Obsessed: Laura is a professional organizer and her posts are often focused on nifty organizing solutions and fresh ways of dealing with space issues. A little less minimalism and a little more organizing going on at Laura’s.


The Pursuit of Joy: Josh is a minimalist with a minimalist style blog. What’s that mean? He posts one short nugget about something that gives him joy every day. Short, sweet and simple.


The Simple Poppy: Poppy writes about life, simplicity, minimalism, sustainability and whatever little nuggets of wisdom pop into her head. It’s a comfortable cozy spot on the net to sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy the reads.


The Simpler Life: Sam writes about minimalism, living consciously and deliberate living. He’s got a nice blog about getting to the heart of what matters in life and slowing down. Sam’s a great read!


The Suburban Minimalist: Rayna comes from a moderate minimalist perspective. She’s a “regular America” minimalist who doesn’t do yoga and still shops at the regular grocery store. You can get practical minimalist wisdoms over at Rayna’s spot on the web.


The Unlikely Mage: Just to prove that minimalism is seeping everywhere, along comes Harry, the unlikely mage who combines musing about magic, martial arts, and minimalism. You can read about meditation, dream interpretations and minimalism all rolled up in one.


The Zen Parent: Bill writes about zen, tao and simplicity with a lovely smattering of minimalism thrown in. It’s a blog about slowing down, simplifying and meditation. I’ve heard he lives with his family and two very zen cats. :)


This Contented Life: Selena’s blog is a chronicle of her journey to contentment. She says, “It’s about rejecting consumerism and the rat race through minimalism and simplicity.”


This Tiny House: Hillary writes about, you guessed it, tiny house living! Which in it’s own way is minimalism. It’s house minimalism. You’ll find lots of amazingly inspirational posts on the alternative housing choices people have made. Very cool!


Thoughts of a Hippie Therapist: Jeannie is a spitfire. She blogs about personal development, mental health, travels, and a little bit of minimalism thrown in for spice. She’s a minimalist but her blog is more about minimalism for the mind.

Three New Leaves: Matt blogs about changing your life by simplifying it. His main topics are minimalism, travel, the primal food diet and simplicity.


Towards the Future: Adam’s focus is minimalism as a method for intelligent use of resources, which makes him one of those new blogs fitting in the sustainability/minimalism category. Yay for another sustainable minimalist!


Uberless: Rick is an uber-minimalist who blogs about…. you guessed it, minimalism! I love the term uber. Don’t know why. So his domain name really appeals to me. He blogs about minimalism, money and life after purging.

Unbridled Existence: Chase recently announced he was moving away from blogging about minimalism. I’ve included him anyways because he’s just so dang funny. He’s now going a la’ Everett style and has announced his cyborgism. For a wild, wacky ride go check out Chase.


Untitled Minimalism: I really like Robert’s style. He’s a new find for me and I find thoughtful, well constructed posts on his blog. He writes about minimalism, voluntary simplicity, frugality, conscious living and throws in fun food posts to boot!


Urban Mayberry: Laura!!! Laura and I are exclamation point freaks. We both squeal with delight and overuse that particular punctuation mark. :) Laura’s awesome blog is about the nitty gritty decluttering saga. You can join her and watch as she downsizes her typical American lifestyle, finds peace and serenity in the big city, and best of all, you’ll get lots of those delicious and inspirational before and after shots.


Vita Guy: I’m sneaking this one in. Hey, it’s my list I can do what I want! Patrick (that’s my honey) is a minimalist vegetarian nutritionist. He’s the long-haired guy you always ask questions at the health food store. The one who always seems to have the answer and knows how to not only spell phosphatidylserine, but can write an essay on it too. He writes about sustainability, natural foods and how to eat naturally, healthily and sustainably.


Weekly EXP: Santiago writes poetry. No, not really poetry, but his writing is like poetry. He’s a gifted writer and he blogs about minimalism, and conscious living with a beautiful perspective. He’s from Argentina and blogs in both English and Spanish.


You Only Get One Life: Beth is a U.K. blogger sharing her and her hubby’s decluttering story. You’ll get lots of racy clutter shots (the kind I love) and a personal tale of they journey to living with less.


You Simplified: Charley shares the life deliberately lived. He writes slam-bang straight from the heart posts and doesn’t censor himself. Hmmm, I wish I was a little more like Charley that’s how much I like his blog! Go check him out.


Zen Habits: How did Leo end up at the very bottom of this list? Bad luck of the alphabet draw. But that’s o.k. because there’s a 99% chance you’ve already been over at Zen Habits before. Leo is the godfather of online minimalism blogs. He is quick, insightful inspiration for what ails ya. Good man. Good blogger.

I forgot one! It’s Claudia from (I don’t know what this mean but it makes me giggle) SchwingleSchwingleDingDong. Claudia’s a German minimalist blogger and I know she’s blogging about minimalism and not ding dongs because I see the word minimalismus on her site! If you read German go check out Claudia.

Want to get included in the list or share your favorites? It’s all-inclusive and you’re invited! I added everyone I could find but I’m sure I missed a few folks. If you’ve got or know of a minimalist blog that isn’t on the list leave the link and a description in the comments below (only rule is it must be about minimalism!). I’ll update the list every year.


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      All right everyone, Serena’s a modern minimalist nomad (and a corporate minimalist :)

  2. Jill Foley says:

    Oh this is so fun – what a wonderful resource! I can’t wait to stay up way too late reading more blogs than any one person would ever need to read. I love reading all your descriptions.

    Thank you!
    Jill Foley recently posted..Boot Camp – Day 28

    • Hey Jill!

      I know there’s so many! It”s pretty amazing. It started off as a list of around 30 that I kept in a notepad document on my computer. Then it started growing and getting unwieldy and I knew I had to make it public just so I’d have one easy place to keep track of everyone. Then Francine pitched in with her list and it hit over 100. Wowsa that’s a lot of minimalists! And I put you on too even though you always say you’re not really a minimalist. :)

  3. Tanja thank you so much for including me on this list! This is a fantastic resource. Like Jill, I’m going to be reading like crazy this weekend. How fun!

    Oh, and your descriptions were cracking me up. Very witty. :)
    Jenny @ exconsumer recently posted..When Your Child is a Packrat

  4. Hello Everybody,

    This is a badass list.

    In my initial perusal of the web for bloggers in my niche, I was met with frustration. A list like this is an awesome resource for beginning minimalist bloggers and a valuable tool for strengthening a community. Helps develop a sense of Tribe (that’s right, Tribe with a capital T) which, I believe, is a vital component of human health & happiness.

    Nicely done, Sweetie.

  5. Hillary says:

    Wow. What a feat! Honored to be listed here. And now I know where to go if… well… I’m needing a little more of less. :)
    Hillary recently posted..Renovating an Old Trailer for under 1-200

    • Hi Hillary,

      Yeah it’s not a very “minimal” list is it! Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is better. I say this is a time when more is better. Even if folks only pick up a few new faves off the list (like This Tiny House, hint, hint everyone) my job will be done. I remember being so frustrated when I was first looking. The search engines just didn’t have a lot of options. It was design blog after design blog with million dollar interiors. Not what I was looking for!

  6. bernie says:

    Thanks for the listing – I really appreciate it!

    Overall a great list! Excellent work!


    • Absolutely Bernie! Glad to include you guys. BTW, any expected ideas on a release date for Part 2? We’re all waiting in anticipation you know. :)

  7. Wow, awesome list! It will take me a while to get through all of these – some of them I know, but a lot of them are new to me. I love that you included some blogs in other languages as well. I’m glad the idea of minimalism is going global! Another minimalist blog in Spanish that I’d recommend is

    • Hi Amy, I’ll add you and estudiominimal this weekend. The global minimalism blogs are exciting for me to include in here (not that I speak a single foreign language except the barest smattering of Finnish). Francine gets lots of credit for the foreign language blogs because most of them came from her list which she graciously shared with me (Francine from Miss Minimalist gets a giant round of applause!).

      Although I do take credit for adding Claudia from shwingleshwingledingdong. I spotted her from a comment she left on one of my posts a while back. :)

  8. This is a *rad* resource! I’m totally going to have a fun time reading everyone. =) Thanks for including me–I’m all flattered and stuff!
    Magnificent Minimalist recently posted..Gooooooood Mooooooorneeeeeeeeng!

  9. susanna eve says:

    What a great roundup of minimalist blogs:) Miss MInimalist is one of my favorites too. The only missing one that springs to mind for me, is one that that I read regularly: The MInimalist Knitter:)

    • Ah minimalist knitting! I’ll add her this weekend. Thanks for pointing her out to me Susanna. We almost share a name by the way. My middle name is Susannah and my mom’s name is Eeva Ritta. I like your name Susanna Eve!

  10. I would love to be included. I write as well as being the official blogger for Farmers’ Almanac on Tiny Houses and minimalism/simple living. I love a lot of who is on this list as I have collaborated with them and support their ideas and writing. I appreciate your consideration.

    • No consideration at all Drew! This is an “all inclusive” list, meaning everyone of us is an All Star and gets to be included. I’ll be adding folks this weekend and I’ll definitely add you in too! And uh, you get to blog for Farmers’ Almanac? That rocks!

      I just read your Home Depot home post and we did it! We’ve got the grand dame of shed conversions at 16 x24. She’s our little cabin in the woods but she cost a lot more than two thousand bucks! I posted a bit about it recently at Annienygma’s blog. The post is Rural Living at It’s Finest if you’ve got a second and feel like reading it.

  11. Craig says:

    Fun stuff :) Thanks to you (and Francine) for your hard work compiling the list, a directory is always a nice resource. A directory that grows through word of twitter is even better :)
    Craig recently posted..Valentine’ Day- Don’t BUY Into It

    • Hi Craig. Thanks for the kind words! It was definitely a joint effort. Not just Francine and I, but all minimalist bloggers out there. Without folks blogging about simple living there wouldn’t be much of a directory. :) Word of twitter. I like that!

  12. This is fantastic Tanja! Thanks for providing the single-greatest online directory of minimalist bloggers I’ve ever seen. And with summaries included? Unbelievable!

    • Hi Joshua,

      Thanks for swinging by my neck of the woods and dropping a comment! It was a fun project and I think the minimalist community was ready for a directory. Francine gets lots of credit too. Without her links thrown in it would be a lot smaller!

  13. T.C. Judd says:

    An amazing list, Tanja, I shared/linked to it. You’re entire site is superb site! Not sure how I just found out about you this evening…I look forward to spending some time here reading. Thanks!

  14. Gena says:

    Tanja!! Where can I possibly begin (well, ok, I can start with 1, but I digress!)
    Love, love, love your *stick-to-itiveness* I know this took major effort and patience! Mahalo for the hard work, we’re honored to be included, I’ll have to double check the list to see if we’re the only Hawaiian minimalists, I think I spotted all my faves and a gazillion more, can’t wait to check them all out, I won’t need a good beach read this weekend I have this!! Now, my friendly advice, besides taking a nap would be to read our Go Slow series and then take another nap! ;)

    • Hey Gena,

      I think you guys are the only Hawaiian minimalists on the list. I’m sure there are more minimalists in Hawaii but they probably spend their time eating pineapples and hiking up volcanoes instead of blogging :).

      I caught part 2 over at Faith’s. Yes. What I need to do is read your Go Slow series, then read everything on Bernice’s blog, then go sit at the beach for 48 hours. How do you know this about me already? :) I’m skipping my post tomorrow and planning on taking most of the weekend off. But before you give me good girl points … I won’t be beach lounging or blog surfing, we’re putting on a yard sale for Patrick’s mom so it’s going to be a working weekend.

      All right. It’s midnight. I will take your advice on taking a nap! Good night everyone. Sleep tight.

  15. Rhonda says:

    You forgot one that I have been following that is great and that is ‘Live Your Future Now’. Rick McCarthy is addressing minimalism in Life over 50, Mid-Life Minimalism At its Best, I think is the way he puts it.

    Thanks for the list but check out Rick’s blog and give him a shout out. Thanks!


    • Hi Rhonda,

      Thanks for mentioning Rick’s blog. I’ll make sure to add him in this weekend!

      • Rhonda says:

        Thanks! I read several of these blogs already! But I love to see many more I can be reading. I am almost 50 and find that it is harder when you are older to adapt this lifestyle change but I am working on it. I think that is why ‘Live Your Future Now’ kind of stuck with me because he does address it to people who are older and the struggles he is his wife are having but have overcome some and are really trying to live simply. Thanks again for adding him I am sure he will appreciate it and Thanks for doing this post for all of us!


  16. Yes, I was surprised to see my name here! I am honored to be included! And yes, minimalizing all areas of your life including stress and emotional and mental fatigue is important!
    And you did an AWESOME job of putting all these together! I will have to come back tomorrow morning with some coffee and read through them all, and then visit a few new pages each day!
    Oh, and how awesome to “see” what Joshua Becker wrote about, minimalists DO come is all shapes and sizes, lol!
    What fun!
    Living the Balanced Life recently posted..In the pursuit of happiness- or joy

    • Yeah Joshua rocks doesn’t he? I read that post of his too. I was amazed by the diversity. I mean, a minimalist workout blog and a minimalist mage. That’s some serious “all shapes and sizes”! Both of those entries came from Francine’s list. She had some unique finds!

      • p.s. Of course I added you Bernice. You are an amazing resource for folks who need to slow down (um, like me) and that’s a big part of the simple living movement, slowing down. So I’m “stretching” the minimalist category a bit but hey, I’m allowed!

  17. wow!! awesome list Tanja! this is really great and you’re right, it IS hard to find minimalist blogs through Google. this is going to be a big resource for a lot of people, great job!

    and thank you so much for including me! :) fun vibe huh? btw, i am #5 and that’s my favorite number, how awesome is that?
    marianney | A Life Set Free recently posted..6 Simple Steps to Maximize Your Subscriber Counts

  18. Tracy G says:

    Awesome list, Tanja. You’ve included many I haven’t yet seen.

    I’m happy to say I found Vita Guy a few days ago through another blogger’s link. I’m a bit of a foodie and could cheerfully chat about that all day. Hmmm, I apparently need to look up phosphatidylserine, since I haven’t any idea what that is. I could tell all about epichlorohydrin, though, and explain why that’s an undesirable additive to an otherwise fine cup of tea. ;-)

    Oh, and I originally came over to Minimalist Packrat through one of your comments at Miss Minimalist. And I discovered that blog while researching small houses. Isn’t it fun, making all these serendipitous connections!

    • Tracy G says:

      P.S. Andrew Odom commented while I was composing my post. His blog is great and should definitely be included.

      • I was wondering how you found Patrick. I’m humming “It’s a Small World”. All right I cheated. I made Patrick spell phosphatidylserine. I know he told me what it is two days ago and already it’s out of my head.

        Patrick just informed me that his big word is a “concentrated form of phosphatidyl choline which is a primary component of the cell wall of every cell in the human body. It is typically derived from soy beans but can also be derived from eggs and due to it’s fat soluble…. blah, blah, blah.”

        I stopped typing when I forgot how to spell soluble because his big words were getting in my brain and making it go wonky. :) Yeah. You two would be best friends! My role is: He makes green smoothies with weird things in them, hands them to me and I drink them happily.

        Patrick said he didn’t know you’re big word and I looked it up. No wonder. His big word vocabulary is limited to food and supplements and latin names of herbs. Your big word sounds scary! I won’t be adding any to my smoothies. :)

        p.s. Yeah Andrew rocks. The list is growing even bigger!

        • Tracy G says:

          Epichlorohydrin is the reason I now drink only loose tea. I don’t know which companies are using that to reinforce their bags, and I don’t particularly wish to consume a carcinogen.

          As an organic gardener, I kept wondering why our teabags weren’t composting. I finally figured it out last year.

          I’m thankfully not in need of phosphatidylserine…yet. ;-)

  19. Andy M says:

    Can’t wait to go through these. The most un-minimalistic minimalistic list ever. Haha. Thanks.

  20. Hi Tanja,

    Thanks so much for including my blog on your list- and it’s a fantastic list of all types of minimalist bloggers.

    Love the look of your site too, it’s got a very calming feel to it :)
    David | Listen Feel Breathe recently posted..Where do you draw the line

  21. i’m not yet on the list – but it’s my fault because i didn’t yet start my blog. ;-)

    btw: maybe i should publish a german minimalist bloglist soon, that would be really minimalistic… :-D
    Untroubled Mind recently posted..Welcome to ‘Seeds of Happiness’

  22. Adam Welker says:

    It’s amazing to see how big the minimalism/simplicty community is growing! (Irony?) I remember in 2005 when I first started searching for “minimalism” online, the results were either for the art movement, or “life hacks”. We’ve come a long way!

    It’s great to see such a comprehensive list of the minimalism blogs. I can’t wait to check out some new sites, thanks so much for including me on this list!

  23. Claudia says:

    oh wow!!! thank you sooo much for including my little blog!!!
    (btw: schwingelschwingeldingdong is just nonsense :D)

  24. Steve M says:

    What a great list Tanja – thanks for pulling this together. I’ve had great fun this morning looking through all the sites on the list. Inspirational!!

  25. Neetika says:

    hi tanja,
    i am over-whelmed for being included in this list. many many warm thanks.
    its also a great place to start with…everything under one roof.
    its great!!!
    Neetika recently posted..Decluttering with a purpose

  26. Damien says:

    C’est super !
    65 & 75 : French bloggers are in da place ! ;)
    Merci ! :)

  27. Lexie says:

    Thank you so much for including me on here! I thought as a pretty new blogger it would take me a long time before getting onto a list like this one. I also want to say a huge thank you for your support. You have really inspired me to keep going :)
    Lexie recently posted..Why My Content Will Always Be Free

  28. jenny smythe says:

    Tanja Thank you for including me on a list! I am flattered . Like everyone else here I’ll be up late checking out everyone’s site. Thanks for the helpful summary that is sooo helpful!
    jenny smythe recently posted..a prayer for my Grandma Narcy

  29. Tisha says:

    Thanks for putting together such a great resource Tanja! I find a lot or the minimalist bloggers via Twitter, but it’s so fast-moving it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Now I have a one-stop shop whenever I’m looking for more to read! I’d love to be included on your list, thanks! (and I’m also glad to see there’s someone on the list who shares my affinity for exclamation marks – it helps me feel less annoying! Yaay, I’m not alone! :-)
    Tisha recently posted..Simple Living- Community Matters

  30. Nate Dodson says:

    Thanks so much for including me! I just launched my newest creation today – the Minimalist Zine – on my blog so it’s good to get a little traffic boast. The Zine subscription is free, if you wanted to check it out you can go to my blog or

    Thanks again!

  31. Meg says:

    This is the most freaking unbelievably maximum list of minimalism!!! Well done, Tanja and well done, Francine! (and I’m still blushing from your description–you are so sweet)

    I’ll go through my blogroll and see if there’s anybody to add, but I think you’ve got them all!
    Meg recently posted..A Couple Bright Spots in the Winter Days

  32. Holy moly! What an honor to be in such company! Thanks so much for the inclusion! This is like the holy grail of blog lists. Kudos on such a time consuming post. It must have taken quite some time. I’m gonna check out as many of these as possible. Great descriptions by the way!
    Jody Elliott@A Walk to Simplicity recently posted..5 Things I Learned About Hiking From Call of Duty

  33. Thank you for the list. It is easy to find the big blogs on minimalism, but harder to find the smaller, newer ones. I am new to blogging and minimalism, so I like to find others who are around the same point in their journey. My blog is called Live Your Future Now, I am 55 years old and write about the challenges people in mid-life face when trying to change their lives after 30 years of working in corporate jobs and to declutter 30 years of clutter. I would be honored if you would consider my site for this list.

    • Rhonda says:

      Hi Rick,
      I told Tanja about your site a few comments up from this one. I asked her to add you, that I follow yours because of the Mid Life Minimalism. I hope you get added to the list. Great Job on the blog!


  34. Jill says:

    This is such a great list – I can’t wait to check out the many sites I didn’t know about! Please add Simplicity by Sunny too:
    She’s one of my favorites!

  35. Wow! what a surprise to be included here! I am happy to be able to share how the practice of yoga and living mindfully with less go hand in hand. Yoga isnt about how far you bend but how you become connected to life around you! I am so excited to read up on all of these amazing individuals! Tanja I love this site and your work!!

  36. happy clam says:

    Wow, bookmarked. So many good reads!!!
    Thank you for featuring me, although I’m still really new to the blogging world – a great motivation to keep on writing

    Really happy clam today
    happy clam recently posted..The Emptiness Within

  37. Wow thanks Tanja! I feel genuinely honoured, and I love the description you gave my little blog!

    I’m bookmarking this and going to go through one by one – can’t wait!


    Michael Ashcroft recently posted..Is thinking that scary

  38. Laurie says:

    Tanja, thanks so much for the link! I appreciate your including me, and I’m so glad my blog cheers you up when you need it. You made my day! :)

    This is an amazing list. I look forward to perusing it and finding some new blogs to inspire me. Keep up the great work!

  39. Amazing list, Tanja! Thanks for putting it together and including me. Now, I better go, looks like I have a lot reading to do :)
    Terra@TheSimplePoppy recently posted..Interrupting this Hiatus

  40. Nada says:

    Thanks so much for including me in your list! I feel very honored to be included amongst some of the people I respect the most in our little online minimalist world. I am very glad you liked my concept of “realisitic minimalism”. The hardcore minimalist lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s all or nothing. :)

    I am eager to browse through the great blogs you listed to see who I can connect with and be inspired by! Great list, thanks so much!

  41. Caroline says:

    Although my blog’s about minimalism – and simplicity, and happiness – and I’d love to be on your list, the one that really deserves to be on it is The Stone Soup, which really helped me get the hang of minimalist cooking:

  42. How long did it take you to put together? – respect to you Tanja – That’s one long list Hun! Jo
    Jo@simplybeingmum recently posted..To Be Or Not To Be Selfish That Is The Question

    • Hey Jo,

      I meant to get it out in January if that tells you anything! I worked on it in my spare time through January and a good chunk of February. Visiting everyone’s site and writing the descriptions was the easy part. Finding all the sites in the first place was the toughie. I did a thousand and one searches and got a good chunk of names up, then Francine gracefully shared her names with me as well.

      Uh, and of course, then I realized I forgot people I go to all the time… like you! Getting you added in Jo. :)

  43. So honored to be in such great company. Can’t wait for the party to celebrate this list. Tanja, you are going to organize that too right? ;)

    Thanks again for including me.
    Courtney Carver | Be More with Less recently posted..Commit to Change- mini-mission

    • Hey Courtney,

      It is great company huh? I love seeing so many minimalists doing their thang’ and getting together. Community is good.

      You guessed it right, there is going to be a celebration party. It’s going to be over at Carwin’s place and everyone’s invited!

      What kind of party? It’s a surprise, but it’s all about the minimalist community and it’s going to make my list look like nothing in comparison. Can’t wait!

  44. Greg says:

    Thanks so much for the mention Tanja! It’s so great to have such a comprehensive list of minimalist blogs all in one place. I’ll be referring to this for a long time for sure!

  45. Hey Tanja,

    Thanks for the shout-out! You’re a peach (and a super-inspirational blogger to boot). Looking forward to seeing what you’re up to in 2011…and to sharing more explorations of my little life in the semi-material world.

    Lisa at Semi-Material World recently posted..When the Material World Catches Up

  46. Hey Tanja,

    Thanks so much for the mention and for this incredibly useful and inspirational list. Annotated, too! You’re a peach (and a super-inspirational blogger to boot).

    Yours in perfect polyester pants,
    Lisa at Semi-Material World recently posted..When the Material World Catches Up

  47. jaime says:

    WOW – This list is amazing and you are amazing for working so had to put it together. Does anyone else here the echo in here? Seriously, you are fantastic. Not only do you talk about how minimalism looks different to everyone and how simplifying is a process, you have also provided us all with a huge list of resources for actually seeing it in action. I’d tell you I am going to bookmark this post, but since I am a total stalker, I don’t need to do it. I am here almost everyday (post or not) because I love to read the comments people leave. I have been content with finding like minded blogger that way, but now you’ve gone and spoiled us all.

    Also, I am touched that you included me in the list and said such sweet things about my little space on the web. As you know, I’m still working towards making minimalism work for our family, so I was surprised (in a good way) to see that you included me. thanks Tanja.
    jaime recently posted..bootcamp – update

    • Hey Jaime,

      You’re minimalistish and you’re clothing count is uber minimal so of course you’re here! Your blog has that lovely simple living angle that I adore. You really bring it back to the important stuff, which of course, is family.

  48. Great work. Glad tomorrow is Sunday so that I can have a cruise through the list and see who I’ve missed.

    Would you mind adding my blog? It’s a kind of experiment in seeing if giving up your stuff really does lead to the life of your dreams.



    I only found your blog the other day.

  49. Susan says:

    Hey! Thanks for the shout out!
    Susan recently posted..Kids with Cash

  50. Harry says:

    Thanks for the link to my blog! I’m working on an e-book showing where magic and minimalism intersect. It should foster some new discussion once I get it completed. Already a couple chapters done!
    Harry recently posted..Lessons on my own uncrossing experience so far

  51. Anon says:

    Thanks for that great list! Glad to have come across your blog this morning.

    My wife and I are in the process of working towards downsizing to a tiny house. Our new blog will keep track of that as well as inexpensive adventure ideas/photos in the Pacific NW.

    Anon recently posted..Wasted space

  52. What an amazingly useful list! And thanks for including me and my blog, So Much More Life. I look forward to exploring your blog more in the future!

    I see that most of my favorite bloggers made the list. I’ll consider it a challenge over the next few days to try to find someone you left out…

    Gip @ So Much More Life recently posted..A Clutter Queen Tackles Paper Clutter

    • Hey Gip,

      Plenty of folks have taken on the challenge. :) I’m way behind adding all the new names and the folks I knew about but forgot to add.

      By the way, here’s a big challenge. Who is the one giant minimalist blogger who’s website only has 1 vowel in it that I totally forgot to put on the list?

      Answer: I totally, totally forgot to add Leo’s mnmlist and no one noticed! Or if they did, they didn’t mention it. Silly. Off to add some names. :)

  53. Laura M. says:

    GREAT list!! I am so excited to dig into some more blogs! :)

    (PS: I don’t know if it matters, but I’m in graduate school – not college. And I work full-time. Oy!)
    Laura M. recently posted..The Little Things – Fences- Water- &amp Slippers

  54. vee says:

    Wow, what hard work you have done! We are so thankful for you dear one. I now need to figure out to post something on my blog to lead others to this great list! I’m a brand new blogger and slow to learn with this stuff.

  55. Carwin Young says:

    Douglas Adams would be proud! Thanks for putting me on the list, I haven’t seen nearly half of these and some are really-really-reeheeheeheeally good.
    Carwin Young recently posted..Preparing For Change- The Minimalist Way

    • I’m not even going to look, you must be #42. :) I’ve read my share of silly sci-fi and yes, I’ve read every book by Mr. Adams… though it’s been a long time. I might need a refresher.

      So long Carwin, and thanks for all the fish.

  56. Tanja: Thanks for including me on your fantastic list! The descriptions are so wonderful. I appreciate the time and effort you put into the list. I’m so excited to check out new to me bloggers.

  57. Luinae says:

    Thank you so, so much for putting me on this list! I am beyond honoured to be in such great company.

  58. melanie h says:

    Great list. Lots more to check out, thanks.
    Here’s one more about simple living I like to follow:

  59. Laura says:

    Oh my goodness! This is awesome, Tanja! What a priceless resource. I feel honored to be listed with the greats. Thank you. So excited to read through all the links.
    Laura recently posted..The 3 As of Awesome

  60. Beth says:

    Wow what a great list! Thanks for including me! I kind of wish I hadn’t chosen a name starting witrh Y, LOL, but I can’t complain at being so close to Leo Babuta on the list!

    Looking forward to reading the others on this list – I have bookmarked it!
    Beth recently posted..An update!

  61. Sam says:

    Woah. Epic list.

    Thanks for the inclusion :)
    Sam recently posted..Why Obliviousness Is Not a Valid Path to Simplicity

  62. Bliss says:

    Tanja, you just blew me away! I am scrolling down through all these blogs you listed, hoping to learn of new ones, applauding the ones I already read and then….I see my blog! What the??? Even though my current series strays from minimalism (unless one wants to look back to a more simple time and way of living), I will be interspersing some purging stories in the near future. I have been really working on my wardrobe (still) and now that Spring is soon to arrive, I am getting a new energy to haul stuff on out of here!! Not to mention the daydreams I still have of selling the house, one of the cars, most of my furniture, etc, etc, etc. Thank you so much for the mention and I can’t wait to look up some of the others you have mentioned. (oh, sorry so wordy but Master Bliss is watching the Oscars and I think I am getting carried away by all the acceptance speeches). xxBliss
    Bliss recently we dressed- lived and ate back in 1948-lesson 2

    • Hey Bliss,

      You said, “(unless one wants to look back to a more simple time and way of living)”.

      Hell yeah! To me that’s part of minimalism. It’s about living simply and simply living. Minimalism’s a lot bigger than just chucking junk. That’s the first stage of it, then there’s a beautiful world of learning how to LIVE that comes afterwards. You’re a perfect fit in this list my dear!

  63. steve says:

    Tanja – Thank you for including me on the list – I am honored! This list is going to be really handy for me and will get much use. So thank you on two counts.
    steve recently posted..Always Read the Manual

  64. Great job on the list, Tanja! I had no idea there were so many of us bloggers out there. Maybe that’s a sign that minimalism is really catching!

    Also, thanks for the mention! I’ll have to post out a link here to my readers, as they surely will find great utility with this list.

  65. Hi Tanja, I was in the process of disassembling the blogroll on my site -since I can pretty much point everyone here- and I discovered a few blogs I don’t think are on the list.

    Obviously these are open to your judgement as far as inclusion, but I think they all fit. <- run by Leo <- also run by Leo

    and finally….as many know, Ev Bogue deleted all content from Far Beyond the Stars BUT before that happened Scott Kostolni somehow archived all the posts from the FBTS site in a new site called So that site is an archive, not to be updated ever, but I think it belongs *somewhere* on the minimalist list since Ev was one of the early bloggers promoting minimalism.

    So, good luck, sorry to give you more work but before long the list will be bigger and better than ever :)

  66. Robert Wall says:

    I just added this entire list to my Google Reader. I’m filing it as a “blogs to read if I get a chance” list. Of course, it would have been easier if more than half of the blogs above had links to allow RSS subscriptions. :D

    Thanks again for the list Tanja!
    Robert Wall recently posted..Foodie Friday- Diets That Don’t Work

  67. Tony says:

    Wow Tanja, this is a truly amazing resource. Thanks for putting this together, and for mentioning me too!

    It is amazing how the minimalist blogverse has exploded over the last year or so. That can only be a good thing. People need to know there is another way.

    Also, I remember your blog when you started – wow, has your blog come on in leaps and bounds!

    Thanks again for creating this very useful resource, I have quite a few of them already added to my RSS reader.
    Tony recently posted..In Defense Of Goal Setting

  68. Matt Madeiro says:

    Hi, Tanja! Thanks so much for including me in this incredible list. Kudos to you too for having the patience to compile it. ;)

    I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced, come to think of it, so consider this a very belated “hello!” I’m looking forward to digging into your stuff here, especially since I’ve heard so many great things about what you’re doing. :)

  69. Marty says:

    Hey Tanja!

    Awesome list… you’ve turned me on to some good content. You write with an honest respect for all and it’s refreshing. Hope I can turn up on one of your future lists. I’m new at the blogging game, but I’ve been a minimalist since before it had a name. Though that doesn’t make a story as great as yours!

    Glad you’re out there.


  70. My Child’s Gardener is a venue for conversation and contemplation about simplified living and conscious parenting. “Lead with love, follow your purpose, and trust it is a life of plenty.”

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    Yes, Optimize Minimalism is a real blog. I throw all ideas and links about minimalism in, which I like. With different frequency.

    The wheel is already invented. So I don’t need to write an own long blog entry about stuff you can find on the other 123 blogs you mentioned.

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    How am I going to find time to check out all the blogs listed that I don’t already subscribe to. Just the same way as I declutter I suppose ~ on at a time. Isn’t it great to have so much support in the minimalist community. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? I sure do!
    Thanks again for the link love and for giving me so much fodder for my Friday Favourite Five Links blog posts.

  74. Dmarie says:

    landed here via TreeHugger and really looking forward to checking out your all-stars. I believe becoming minimalist is the shortest route to guarding both our personal resources (think $$) and our planet’s resources, so I have lots to learn and all the reasons in the world to make the effort!!
    Dmarie recently posted..Win some- lose some- Fabric adventures

  75. Hey Tanja,

    Would you remove my website ( from the list of minimalist bloggers? I’ve decided to take the website in a bit of a different direction, and it isn’t really a blog anymore.

    I genuinely appreciate the work that you did making the list, and I’d like to thank you again for including me for this short time.


    David Krauser

  76. laura says:

    thanks so much for including me on this fantastic list. i live and work with a ‘living better with less’ philosophy so am very happy to see so many others who share this point of view. :O)
    laura recently posted..What I Did Today

  77. DK says:

    Thanks for featuring my little Declutter100 blog (#14) – appreciated, although not anonymous if you click the ‘about; page ;-)

  78. Thanks for the shout out – I’ve been really lax posting recently so thank you for the reminder! I’ve been living more and blogging less recently, but I love “packrat”
    mark owen-ward recently posted..inorganisation

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    And thanks to Lucas Dellaretti for allerting me on this list :) It totally updated my feed reader.
    Valentina recently posted..Cómo evitar el divorcio por la pasta de dientes

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    Jason @ Stop & Breathe recently posted..How To Achieve Balance In Your Workout Plan And Avoid Overtraining: Guest Post At Balance In Me

  82. this list is fantastic. and thanks so much for mentioning my blog, the order obsessed. though i’m not a minimalist, i do have a ‘living better with less’ approach. :O)
    laura cattano recently posted..Attention NYC! Distract Yourself From the Heat With a Great Contest

  83. nindi says:

    thanks so much for including me on this fantastic list. i live and work with a ‘living better with less’ philosophy so am very happy to see so many others who share this point of view…

  84. steve says:

    Hi Tanja,
    Sostenibilidad y Minimalismo is all about sustainability and minimalism. I write in Spanish about those two topics plus some stoicism and solidarity theory (and practice). Feel free to check it out at

    And thanks to Lucas Dellaretti for allerting me on this list :) It totally updated my feed reader

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    Thanks Anita

  89. Kevin Olega says:

    Can I join your list? :) I’m a twenty something artist from the Philippines who writes about my experiences, lessons, stories and minimal changes. I adapted a minimalist lifestyle to free myself up to do things that matter to me, be efficient, light and fast and a whole bunch of other things. :)
    Kevin Olega recently posted..Ownership of Minimal Changes

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    So sweet of you to include me and what a lovely thing to say about my blog – best to you this new year, Tanja. xo
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  100. Kandice says:

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  106. Shauna says:

    Excellent list of things to read… will bookmark for inspiration!

    I just started my own ‘de-clutter’ blog TODAY, as my minimalist journey is just beginning… can’t wait to LET GO!

    Shauna recently posted..
    I want to let go.

  107. kathy says:

    Thanks for posting this information for everyone. Unfortunately about half of these links are no longer valid…darn.

    Here is my post that takes a minimalist lifestyle but takes it a step further… I call it SMART Living

    Oh, and for anyone who wonders here is a post: ARe you really a minimalist?–And Five Questions to help you find out”
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