A Guide to Instant Simplifying

Just For Today

Make One Less Phone Call

Schedule One Less Thing

Watch One Less Show

Read One Less Blog

Commit to One Less Activity

Answer One Less Email

Buy One Less Item



Just For Today

Smile At One More Person

Declutter One More Thing

Eat One More Fruit

Daydream One More Time

Connect With One More Friend


Simplifying your life can feel overwhelming. But it’s really just a series of small actions. It’s making a conscious decision to change some aspect of your life. Just for today, embrace a little change, and allow a little slowing down. It’s marvelous baby, marvelous.

Today I am done painting. Today the house is empty, the tv is off. Today Bronson is busy with other things. Today I have no obligations. Today I am going to bask in a do nothing day.

Nourish yourself today – Dusti Arab

Take time for yourself today – Jenny McCutcheon



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  1. Nishant says:

    Thanx for the gems. I” keep each and everything in my mind.

  2. K.D. says:

    Enjoy the serenity.
    I’m going to tackle that personal clothing challenge you issued!!! :-)
    K.D. recently posted..Pain

    • Hi K.D.

      Good for you! It won’t be a do-nothing day for you at all. Get cracking on it! You will feel WONDERFUL after you’ve worked through decluttering some of those clothes.


  3. Love this Tanja. I’m so glad you’re finished painting and taking the day off to just be. :)

    Thanks for the mention too.
    Jenny @ exconsumer recently posted..When Time is an Investment in Personal Happiness

    • Hey Miss Jenny,

      I needed it! The painting project was huge and it whipped my butt. :) And I’m always glad to throw a mention your way. You had a perfect post to link to, now I’ve gotta go leave a comment on it!

  4. Simple truths, love it! Forgot to mention I like the new layout, easier to navigate & a calming shade of blue. :)
    Elle Dougherty recently posted..The Fresh Princess

    • Hi Elle,

      Vote #2 for the simplified layout. I’m really glad I ditched the home page thing. It was just sitting there sort of getting in the way. :) And the blue is softer. I read somewhere that you’re look and feel should match the mood you want people to feel when visiting. It kind of makes sense, and my purple was fun and dramatic but not especially calming!

  5. Great simple post! Just cleared my reader of some good blogs, but they just aren’t at the top of my list! We have to make choices!
    Enjoy your laid back do-nothing (painting is something!) day!
    Living the Balanced Life recently posted..The Happy Fisherman

    • Hey Bernice,

      Hope I’m still on your reader. :) I just did some clean-up on mine last week. It’s funny I deleted quite a few but then added about the same back in. However (I give myself points for this) I reorganized them all so I have my 30 or 40 fave regulars in a folder and then a back-up folder for folks I pop in on from time to time. It really helped to organize them (and yeah, you’re in my faves folder girl!)

  6. Deb says:

    I love lists and your alternative to-do list is one I will cut out and follow today. Have also been enjoying your tiny house project – is making me look at our old sleepout with a new eye!

    • Hey Deb,

      Thanks for commenting! Nice that my little list got a print-out from you. :) And the tiny house project is rocking along. I’m hoping we’ll be far along by next week to do another big post on it! It is looking white and beautiful in there now. :)

  7. tammy says:

    it’s almost there! and you’ve worked so hard. (oh yeah, you too patrick and bronson) …
    i thought i read somewhere that you were taking a sabbatical this weekend. you go girl! or should i say… no don’t go… just r-e-l-a-x …. :)

    • Hey Tammy,

      I figured I earned myself a do-nothing day and a weekend sabbatical. :) Yeah, I mentioned that sabbatical over on Dusti Arab’s guest post on the other Tammy’s Rowdy Kittens blog.

      It was four days (Saturday through Tuesday) of crazy sanding, dusting and painting. Imagine that in the Florida summer with no air conditioning. It was hot and sweaty work to get it done! So yesterday was absolutely a r-e-l-a-x day. :)

  8. Marc says:

    Can I have :”One glass of wine”? :)
    Marc recently posted..Relationship Minimalization – Wrap Up

    • Now Marc, you can have “one MORE glass of wine” on your own special list. :) All the “more items” were “one more” items, so that means you need to have two glasses!

      I’ll abstain though. Two glasses of wine and I’d have to do another do nothing day! :)

  9. jaime says:

    a great reminder. i decided to add. read one more book to the little one at bedtime : )
    jaime recently posted..im back

    • Awww. Perfect Jaime! And you’re list includes “Read one more book for special little Carter at bedtime.”

  10. Mia says:

    Great advice. :) I read it this morning and at the very least have eaten an extra piece of fruit! Weeee!

    Oh, and I am skipping everything responsible I should be doing after work to go home and possibly nap. Excellent.

    • Hey Mia,

      No Bikram and an extra nap. Sounds like a good choice! Sometimes a break is simply in order. And extra fruit is ALWAYS good. I had a huge delectable bowl of strawberries yesterday as my one more fruit. Technically it was a lot more fruit, but they’re small! How can you stop at just one? :)

  11. Bryan S says:

    Nice advice. It’s really hard to change like this. I try doing this start tomorrow….
    Bryan S recently posted..O2 Sim Only

    • Hi Bryan,

      Good luck! Change takes time but it’s the little actions that make the big changes. You can do it! One small action a day.

  12. Good morning everyone. I’m back! In case you’re wondering it was a lovely do nothing day. I hope all of you think of taking one for yourself soon!

    Now today I’m back to serious business. Bronson is coming out and (fingers crossed) there might be power by the end of the day in the tiny house! We’ll see how far he gets. He’s going to install all of the light fixtures and outlets and then do the final wiring to the main house box. First, another trip to home depot to buy a bunch of switches, dimmers and outlets. All the lights have been waiting for this moment for 6 weeks! I’ll be pulling them out of storage for him to put up. Our “sparkle magic” lamp is going to go up. Woo-hoo! I can’t wait for you all to see it. :)

  13. Hey Andrew,

    Good for you! Friendships and community are so important and it’s one of those things that often gets pushed to the back-burner with busy lives. Nice to know you’re so in touch with all of your special people. Take care!

  14. Tali says:

    Thank you for this simple message!! So true and simple. I feel like I will read this post over and over again as a reminder to slow down and take care. Thanks!!

    • Hi Tali,

      Glad you enjoyed it! It was a simple post because I was feeling rather simple yesterday. I’d written a big behemoth of a post but didn’t have the energy to tweak it into perfection. So everyone got my tiny thoughts on a simple life instead. Sometimes the shortest posts resonate with people the most!

  15. min hus says:

    Read one less blog? Umm…how does one manage that? Seriously, my blog addiction goes in cycles and right now I’m riding a major high point where I want more, more, more.

    Oh, and please count me as vote #3 for the new design! :)
    min hus recently posted..Mantle Remix

    • Hi Min Hus,

      Ah, but it’s only read one less for A DAY. See, you can get right back to your blog addiction the very next day. :)

      I like to cheat. I tell myself that because I blog for a living I’m allowed to check out as many bloggers as I want. I’ve got around a hundred in my reader, but I don’t read every single one every day! And sometimes, it’s best to take a slow day. One slow day can energize a whole week.

      Glad you like the new design too! It’s simpler and straight to the point. :)

  16. Susane D says:

    Thanks for reminding us the importance of slowing down a bit. Ironically, I found out that when I allow myself to relax and disconnect a bit from the crazy pace of life, I come back renewed and do much more things than otherwise ;)
    Susane D recently posted..The Intestinal Yeast Infection

    • Hi Susane,

      It’s amazing what a little down time can do for a person! It seems counter-intuitive but I’ve found the opposite to be true in my life. My do nothing day was wonderful!

  17. brad says:

    Hi Tanja -

    I did a lot of ‘one less things’ today, but mainly because i ran out of time. but now after reading your post i feel a lot less guilty about it…

    thanks! :-)
    brad recently posted..This week in EMF posts

    • Hey Brad,

      Loosening the guilt can be a first step to simplifying! The next step is to learn to embrace a little “one less thing” on a regular basis. Try it for a week and see what happens!

  18. I hope you enjoyed your day off, Tanja, and succeeded in doing nothing that you didn’t absolutely want to do.
    Mike | Homeless On Wheels recently posted..Exceptions to Decluttering Rules

  19. Mike Lehr says:

    Tanja, I appreciate your thoughts. I really like your blog design…minimalistically simple :)
    Mike Lehr recently posted..I need your help…

  20. I love the idea of a do nothing day. I always find though that on a rare day when there are no commitments someone will invariably phone or even come round to the house just because they knew I was “doing nothing”. It’s almost as if friends think I am missing out or something must be wrong. Maybe the secret is to tell everyone I’m busy and then do nothing.
    Patricia Hill recently posted..Ceiling Fans Versus Air Conditioning – Which is Best

  21. Leann Wolf says:

    I feel like I will read this post over and over again as a reminder to slow down and take care. Glad you enjoyed it!
    Leann Wolf recently posted..Acne Tips

  22. Bette Manning says:

    Leave Your Delightful Comment Here… Enjoy the serenity.
    Bette Manning recently posted..Many Mops

  23. Misha Grier says:

    I enjoy this post and make less thing today.
    Misha Grier recently posted..Get Rid of Nail Fungus Through Zeta Clear

  24. swalia says:

    simplicity simplified….loved the post :)

  25. luz says:

    Beautiful thoughts!

  26. TerryJGanong says:

    Fabulous, what a web site it is! This weblog presents useful facts
    to us, keep it up.
    TerryJGanong recently posted..TerryJGanong


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