6 Minimalist and Simple Living Blogs You Might Not Know About


(We’re all frogs in a pond sharing our lily pads with one another. Froggy shot courtesy of the talented Thomas Hawk.)

Last month I spotted Joshua’s pay it forward post where he highlighted 10 great simple living blogs. Then a few days ago I spotted Courtney’s rendition of the same post. I thought it would be lovely to follow in these two great blogger’s footsteps and share my list with you as well.

When I first started blogging my very first link came from Faith Janes from Minimalist Moms (now of Minimalist at Home). Faith sent me my very first eyeballs and I’m so grateful to her for that. And later Francine from Miss Minimalist gave me a huge boost and put me on the map by including me in her link love list. Francine you’ve got my eternal thanks for that!

So today, I’m smiling at the thought of paying it forward. Linking does make the world go round, or at least the blogging world. It can be hard to get started and sometimes showing up in a little link love list makes all the difference.

The 2011 All Star List of Minimalist Bloggers is so big it can be overwhelming. So I thought I’d share my short list of hidden favorites. These are 6 smaller blogs that I really enjoy and visit frequently. And just to clarify, I say smaller blogs just cuz’ I don’t see a ton of comments happening on them yet! And I’d love to see all of them grow bigger, so I’m sharing them with you all today. Some of these blogs have been around for a long while, some are new on the scene, but all of them have something in common, they’re blogs I love to check out regularly. So here is my mini-list of personal hidden faves:

Michael from Green Minimalist: You know when you just really get a person’s energy and you know you’d love to meet them? That’s how I feel about Michael. He’s a darling. He blogs about minimalism from a sustainability perspective. His posts are thoughtful philosophical pieces on the many dilemmas folks face when wanting to go greener for the planet. I love his writing and I visit Michael for a U.K. perspective on one guy’s journey to a smaller footprint for our planet earth.

Liina from Lifeguard of Love: Liina’s a hoot. She blogs for fun and giggles, not fame and glory. You’ll find her random thoughts of the day scattered into fun lists on her favorite things, simple living to-do lists, and the occasional spotlight on a decluttered corner of her universe. Her posts are often short and simple, and I can pop in for a minute, put a smile on my face, and pop back out again. I visit Liina for new band updates (she’s got great taste in music) and for picking up her fun, funky vibe from the Pacific Northwest.

Jill from Daily Bread: Jill has been a personal favorite of mine from the start. She is a total inspiration for me and she’s doing real good things in the world. She also blogs about the special tiny moments on her minimalistish journey. Everything from Jill is genuine and somehow profound in it’s simplicity. Jill rocks!

Jaime from Everything I Dreamed: Jaime and I just had an instant connection. I feel like I know her and her family just from reading her blog postings. She offers a beautiful written snapshot of a simplified, happy life complete with husband and child. Jaime is, I believe, the kind of mother everyone would strive to be. Her blog is artistic, creative and centered on the small daily moments of life, the moments where real magic happens.

Elle from Expedition Minimalism: Elle is the one person on this list who is probably most likely to win the crazy girl award. Elle is funny, poetic, philosophical and most important, completely real. I never know what I’m going to find with Elle’s infrequent postings but I always know it’s going to make me think, make me laugh, or make me nod my head in agreement.

Mike from Homeless on Wheels: Mike cracks me up. He’s been blogging a long time (as in years) but he’s recently going out at it a little more than before. His story is fascinating to me. He downsized from a 2,000 square foot house down to an rv. It’s 100 square foot living with a down to earth perspective on the trials of fitting life into a tiny space. Mike’s a quirky guy and I visit him because he reminds me of my Arkansas friends, all a little crazy in a really good way. (Now Mike doesn’t really fit onto my list of smaller blogs. He gets a good amount of comments and he’s been around for years. However, he was new to me just a few weeks ago, so I figure he might be new to you as well.)

A Big P.S.

Remember how I mentioned Faith earlier in the post? Well she’s got a huge new project coming up. It’s the 6 week Minimize Yo’ Butt Challenge and it’s coming out next week! I’ll be participating in the frolicking good time and you should too! If you’ve got some time, swing over to Faith’s on Monday when she’ll be revealing all the details. In the meantime here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come.

What Says You?

How do you feel about the concept of paying it forward? Has anyone ever done you a really good turn that you’ve never been able to forget? Did you help someone else out in a similar way later? Think you’ll get on a healthy track doing Faith’s fitness challenge? Aren’t those frogs cute? And finally, who are your favorite hidden gems in the blogging world? Share them in the comments below!

As always, tweets and comments make my world go round!


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  1. Thanks for the link love. You are spot on about the crazy part! :D I now consider myself off the deep end…

    To answer your questions– Sometimes I get a little carried away including links on my EM blog. I’m not trying to get traffic, I just like crediting other bloggers for inspiring me; The best things people have done for me are in real life outside of the blogosphere. But on here, you are definitely my best promoter (thank you!); I’m already competing in a fitness challenge (with my hubby), but I’ll still check out Faith’s for motivation; hooray for frogs; http://inspacewetrust.com/ & http://www.decontentment.com/.

    A couple of the sites you mentioned are new to me, so I’m off to check them out.

    • You know I meant “crazy girl award” in the most endearing way, right Elle? :)

      Hmmm, I haven’t checked out in space we trust before. I’ll have to go see what they’re about, and Arron from Decontentment is great too!

  2. jaime says:

    What a happy surprise today1 Thank you so much for your kindness. I am blushing – and I am a fair- skinned freckled red head so I am blushing a whole lot. Your good opinion means a lot to me because I think you are pretty awesome as well.

    • Thanks Jaime! I know I’ve linked out to you before, but I thought it would be lovely to do it again! I’ve been struggling to downsize my list of reads lately, and despite all the downsizing you’re firmly in my list of definite visits. :)

  3. Angela says:

    Hey Tanja

    I’ve been trawling the blogosphere for the past hour, you know how it is, you stop here, see a link there, and next thing you know you’re on this happy little blog and you have no idea how you got there. Or is that just me ‘cos I didn’t take my medication today? Either way I’m über happy I found this post! I love the idea of paying it forward and am off to add it to the top of my growing list of post ideas. Okay ’nuff with the waffling, I’m off to bed. ;-)
    Angela recently posted..How serendipity led me to interview Colin Wright

    • Well hi Angela,

      Nice to meet you! I just swung by and read about your interview with Colin. I haven’t listened to the whole podcast yet though. Very cool! I always love finding out about more simple living blogs.

      Everyone, if you’ve got a sec’ go check out Angela and Sporty. You’ll find a fun, fresh vibe to their minimalist blog that is worth hitting the big orange button!

      • Angela says:

        Hey Tanja…thanks so much! I’ve just finished writing a post where I link to your Clutter Bootcamp, I’ll send you the link when it’s up. Really enjoying your writing btw! ;-)

  4. Liina says:

    well OMFG I really never imagined that I’d be on this list!! Now I’ll need to whip up some posts ;) Thank you Tanja! I’m really touched.

    One of my favorite decluttering blogs, which I posted about last week, is http://brooks-palmer.blogspot.com/
    It’s by Brooks Palmer, a professional Clutter Buster who wrote my favorite decluttering book. His posts are short and sweet and inspirational. I recommend his blog (and book!) to all aspiring minimalists who need a boost.
    Liina recently posted..My Folks & Clutter

    • Jill Foley says:

      Liina, I had a similar thought – that now I need to write something good! I’m going to have to check out that book and blog.
      Jill Foley recently posted..Homeschool Summer – FOILED

    • Wow Liina,

      I had no idea Brooks had a blog… and it’s such a homey, simple little thing. It doesn’t scream high marketing budget at all! (That’s a good thing.)

      I didn’t run into him until AFTER I decluttered, but I loved him. His book is also one of my absolute faves for decluttering, he has a really good perspective going on. Thanks for turning me onto his blog!

      Anywyas, Liina no need to whip up posts! You’ve got plenty already. :)

  5. Jill Foley says:

    Like Jaime, I’m blushing. I was so excited to read your list and then was shocked to seem my own name there. Saying thanks hardly seems like enough. Your kind words are very encouraging, and have kept me blogging before when I’ve felt like giving up. I’ve enjoyed checking out the other blogs (I knew of Liina and Jaime, but the others were new to me).
    Jill Foley recently posted..Homeschool Summer – FOILED

    • Hi Jill,

      I think you told me once you didn’t want me to link to you because you didn’t want “too many” people looking at what you write. But I seem to link to you anyways! :) You’re one of my faves Jill and you have been since I started blogging last year. Everyone, go check out Jill!

  6. Sharing the love is always fun! Right before I switched from Minimalist Moms to Minimalist at Home I built a post (this was the one http://bit.ly/hIl5kn) that linked to everyone who had taken the time to comment on my blog. It took a long time was it so fun to hear back from people I linked to.

    Thanks for sharing links to my blog today. I do remember linking to you way back when. :-) I too am a recovering packrat so I just knew we’d have lots in common.

    I am excited for Minimize Yo’ Butt and I hope lots of people will join us!

    Thanks again, Tanja!
    Faith | Minimalist at Home recently posted..Ask the Readers: What are the Hardest Things to Get Rid Of?

    • Hey Faith,

      I bet that list took a really long time to put together! You must have gone through each post you’d written to do that!

      How fun, to you it’s an, “Oh yeah, I remember linking to her way back when.” And to me it was a, “Oh my god someone just linked to me and now I’m getting my very first comments!”

      I’m grateful. And… I’m super excited about the Minimize Yo’ Butt. It’s coming at a perfect time in my life since I just quit the soda/cigarettes and I’m trying to take off some stacked up pounds. I’m looking forward to it!

  7. Wow, Tanja, what can I say? That you consider my little blog of just 18 posts to be worthy of inclusion in this great list, or that you’ve taken the time to say such lovely things about me I’m not sure, but either way you’ve absolutely made my day :)

    Loving the new site design by the way – Leo would be proud!

    • Hey Michael,

      It’s not quantity, it’s quality! You’re not the most frequent blogger in the world, but everytime you dopost I always have something to think about. You make me ponder and mull which is delightful!!!! Plus, it’s fun hearing about U.K. life, and it sneaks into your writing (things like moving into your flat). Makes me feel like I’m vacationing across the pond for a moment! :)

      • Hey Tanja,

        I often wonder about catering to the predominantly American audience by using more American words (apartment etc), but I always decide that I’d rather just be me :) I’m glad you think that what I write is quality, though!

        Have you ever been to the UK, out of interest?
        Michael | greenminimalist.net recently posted..So I won a solar panel…

  8. Tanja, thank you paying it forward! I think many of us write blogs in part to chrystalize our thoughts, and we offer them to the world not only to contribute but also for the feedback, which helps us refine our thinking further. When talented writers (like you!) send hundreds of new readers to our sites, us little guys benefit from all the comments left behind. We make new friends and look forward to contributing some more. I was the beneficiary of Courtney’s kindness earlier this week (she included my new – very new – blog on her list) and knew in an instant that I would be doing the same for others one day. Thank you!
    Yan | Towars simplicity recently posted..Roll down the windows

    • Hi Yan,

      I checked it out and your blog is great! And how exciting to have Courtney link to you in your blog’s first month. I love making new simple living friends (and so do most of the people in the minimalism blogging niche). We’re an active bunch of people who always have our doors open. So here’s a big welcome from me!

  9. I do like the froggies, Tanja. What the heck are they, though? Pencil toppers, maybe?

    Now I have some more blogs to go check out. And thank you for including me on your list. I’m flattered.

    • Heh, I don’t know, clutter maybe? :)

      They look like little plastic rubber duckies except in frog form to me. Or maybe squeeky toys for dogs?

      My question was where do you suppose Thomas found all those frogs to take the picture? I wondered if he snuck is camera into a store or if he actually bought all the frogs. It’s a great photo! (and I didn’t have any good home-brewed photos for a community post).

      Glad to flatter you! :)
      Tanja Hoagland recently posted..Interview With Minimalist Patrick

  10. Thanks for sharing this short list! And I just have to say that the frog picture makes me smile, and deep doen happy smile!
    Living the Balanced Life recently posted..The first step towards a dream

    • Hey Bernice,

      It made me smile too! Sometimes you just want to feel light and that’s what those happy frogs made me feel. Good to see you here darlin’!

  11. rago says:

    I love paying it forward posts. Thanks for sharing. I’m already following a couple of those that you have shared and look forward to getting to know them.
    rago recently posted..Advertising is sneaky sneaky.

  12. I love this Tanja! It looks like you’ve chosen some great blogs to include on this list. I’m a regular reader of Liina, Mike and Elle — so it looks like I have a few brand new (to me) blogs to check out!

    And yes, it’s about time to minimize our butts in Faith’s Minimize Yo’ Butt challenge. I’m getting myself mentally prepared for the shift!

  13. I’m going to have to have a serious talk with your e-mail handler, Tanja; I just got the notice of a new post and it looks like it has been out since yesterday. Anyway, I’d just like to say; “ribbit”. Which is froggie-speak for ‘pay it forward is a great idea’. I try to incorporate this concept in all aspects of my life. Applause to you for your effort.

  14. I have been Frugal All my life and my Wife but not as extreme….Just two days ago we went to the Pittsburgh Home show and where looking @ some of the larger sheds and thought they are big enough to live in….Our old house is way to big 3 bed rooms no longer in use..Was 4 but we got a St Bernard Puppy a few months ago…..Thank U I thought we where all alone in our thinging…….I wil bookmark this page and check out some of the other site Thank U again
    Mr Frugal Frank recently posted..Frugal Living/Saving Money

  15. Ela says:

    I LOVE this essay, and I teach it in my creative noitcifnon class. Lots of times, the students have a ton of judgment toward Hoagland but really, diving in? A lot to ask. I think this piece speaks to so many things the burden of being a more powerful animal on the food chain the turtle had to go where the larger mammal was taking it. The human had other choices. The human still chose the human choice. People tie dogs up here in AZ in the blazing sun with no water for hours and hours and hours. People train roosters to peck one another to death. For me, this piece spoke so eloquently to the truly awesome power humans have, and the many many ways we misuse it (even without evil intentions). It’s an excellent example for looking at the gray in humanity, and if you can get the students to stop being holier than thou w/Hoagland, you have a real opportunity to teach empathy & compassion.

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