The Industrial Wilds of Our Soul



photo from vipa.      words inspired by chase and adbusters and a lot of things right now.


The massive wilds were my blood. They flowed through my veins, they were the meat of my flesh.

I grew up in the woods of Finland. The massive wilds of Finland. During those most formative years, when your being is shaped by the experiences around you.


-I was shaped by the toadstools on the forest floor. Their earthy scent as my chubby hands plucked them from the loam. The tiny dark woven basket I used to collect them in. My mushroom picking basket. The wilds of my soul understood the primal connection of gathering food from the woods, gathering sustenance from the world around me.


-I was shaped by the white, white world. The earth crusted over with sheets of snow, veiled by the element of water. A frozen world. I used to stare up through the ice cave and see the light coming through my snow roof. I used to stand in my sundress and absorb the crisp, sharp energy of wintertide. The massive wilds of my soul understood the primal sameness of me-ness and the world around me.

I felt no hunger. No pain.

No cold.

No bites.

No need for retreat.

I was shaped as a feral creature.

And then I was industrialized.


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  1. This is a draft of something I’m playing with. This little piece felt like it pulled to the marrow of my soul, really dug in there and explored my move from Finland to the US as a child.

    The piece has a downcast beat I’m not comfortable with, and I keep shaping it to see if anything further comes. Anyways, comment if you want, or not. I’m putting pieces like this out here every now and then.

  2. Just beautiful. I often feel this shift when I come home from my aunt’s ranch. It’s so freeing and calming to be in nature. When you get back to “civilization”, it seems so cold, unfriendly, and depressing. I can’t wait to read further!
    Megyn @ Minimalist Mommi recently posted..Summer Time Blues

  3. Actually, I didn’t find it downcast. It felt to me, even though this is your personal story, that you are telling the story of man. Not only have we polluted the air and our bodies, but what’s even worse is the pollution of our minds – the industrialization of our minds. I think that’s what began everything else. It’s why I try to keep my children a little (or a lot!) bit wild, dirty, primal, and unjaded. I want their connections to be made to things man has not built, their lives to be centered around what nature brings us each season, and their faces filled with sunlight (not the screen light!). Write more please!
    Terra@TheSimplePoppy recently posted..Food Musings

  4. Tamara says:

    Lovely indeed. Those childhood memories are carried in your soul and will never be lost. The toadstools and the woven basket, the white world — all still there. And brought to life for us as readers. And then there is always the challenge as we grow up. My idea of heaven is the meadow and creek I played in for a brief few years when I was young. Thank you for the beautiful images.
    Tamara recently posted..The Empty Room

  5. Chase Night says:

    One of my co-workers just moved to Finland… 60 year old woman met a 30 year old Finnish man online and off she flew with her five cats across the big blue sea! And now I understand why! Absolutely beautiful, Tanja. I only found the last sentence downcast, but there’s no way around that I suppose. The sentence packs a punch that knocks the reader out of the nature-high your words put them in. If that makes them think about all that industrialization meant, so be it! Even if it is a little sad. It’s the truth.

  6. Deb says:

    Yeah, me too. I’ve been trying to get back ever since.

    Thanks for reminding me.

  7. Jenny says:

    WoW! I am impressed on how you carry your memories into one great piece of literature. That really moved me. Thanks!
    Jenny recently posted..angry birds

  8. Kim says:

    Simply beautiful…… one of my most fondest memories are of playing in and around the creek at my father’s house. It was an escape, an adventure world for a little girl that wants to forget about the sadness of divorce. Thanks so much for sharing……

  9. What a beautiful piece of writing Tanja. I really hope you keep going with this. The journey taken through this short snippet was an incredible ride for me and I can only imagine how amazing it would be to read your story further.


    While the last line is a bit painful, it needs to be there. Without it, the rest of the story loses some of its impact.
    Jenny @ exconsumer recently posted..Tomorrow is Not Guaranteed

  10. tammy says:

    enchanting and magical and wise the way nature is wise.
    that’s what i thought as i read it.
    findland itself has always seemed a magical place to me.
    and what i find interesting… their design and way of living
    has always been very minimalistic. at least in what i have seen.
    yes! do keep it up. you are a writer. and you must write!
    tammy j

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