Ladder Cats and Living With Roommates

ladder cats

Today it has rained.

It has rained so much the mothball smell is finally leaving the second hand curtains I bought, the ones hanging on the line.

It has rained so much that pinecones have loosened from the pine tree hovering over our tiny house, and pelted the cones down hard onto our roof.

It has rained so much that Annie has turned into a ladder cat, choosing to sit outside under the house eaves at the top of the ladder like a strange water cat communicating with the rain elementals.

Today many things have happened, all of them inconsequential.

-Annie has been discovered trapped in a dresser drawer, where she must have been stuck since yesterday morning. She seems unfazed, except for her new desire to sit on ladders during rainstorms.

-Sunny has hopped from main house bed to tiny house bed repeatedly, working a groove into the earth between her paws as she navigates the fifty foot route through wet, tickly grass.

-Steve has come by for brownies, sharing old school country wisdoms like, “It’s better to look like a fool than be cold and know you left your warm clothes at home,” as we all giggled that the temperature must be a warm seventy three degrees and yet we were all dressed in sweaters and sweatshirts, all except Cora, the more sensible of us… shorn only in t-shirt and shorts.

-Patrick has randomly struck the silence down with a timely rendition of the Right Said Fred classic from nineteen years ago, I’m Too Sexy, which he performed complete with casual shoulder swaying action and a loud husky voice. Woot!

-And I wrote many things elsewhere from here.



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  1. sonrie says:

    Ugh – the smell of mothballs! Gross! What type of curtains are they? Nothing like a good rainshower to clean them through though. :)
    sonrie recently posted..the Cardinals

    • Sonrie, I have a weakness for curtains. :) Last weekend I decided to do some togetherness bonding time with Cora and we went around to a trillion yard sales and thrift stores. I usually keep shopping like this minimal. Towards the end of the day, with lots of minimalist points gained, and treasures left sitting on tables, I ran across a gorgeous vintage comforter and curtain panel in the most exquisite and unique shade of blue. I weakened and snapped it up! The curtains sat on the line for three days in the rain getting rid of the mothball smell. :) Patrick detests both the comforter and the curtains, so we’ll see if they stay or not! :)

      • sonrie says:

        I have a weakness for many textiles/fabrics/fibers. I have 3 drawers of kitchen towels/napkins – but we use them so there’s no getting rid of them! Also love old vintage fabrics, especially to make quilts out of!
        sonrie recently posted..the Cardinals

        • I’ve looked over this comforter for a tag of any kind but I haven’t spotted a thing, so I’m not sure how old it is. It might be from the seventies, or as old as the fifties. What I do know for sure is it has aged so much the lining is disintegrating a little and little pieces of cotton stuffing are leaking out of it.

          Right now I’m so in love with it is sitting on our bed anyways, with the fuzzy purple blanket under it, gathering up all the fuzzy lint pieces. I’m not sure if I’m going to try re-lining it or go ahead and donate it! It’s a project and a complication, which is exactly the kind of stuff I tell myself I don’t need in my life. :)

          p.s. I bet you make gorgeous quilts.

          • sonrie says:

            I have a quilt project for this winter…actually 2. I always have to keep my projects in check or else they will never be completed. I am doing better with this. :) I’ll post pictures soon.
            sonrie recently posted..the Cardinals

  2. I gotta say, I envy you in one thing – rain! It’s still so hot and sunny in southern Portugal… I long for rainy and cloudy days, but they seem to be far, far away…
    How many cats do you have? I’m a minimalsit, but definitely not regarding the number of pets I own (3 cats, 1 iguana, 2 turtles and a 200 L aquarium of tropical fish)…
    Anyway, just stopped by to say that I love reading your blog and I’m thinking of submetting my blog to your wonderful and useful all star minimalist blog list within a few weeks!
    Take care,
    Rita @ the busy minimalist recently posted..Why I love the blogosphere

    • Hi Rita,

      Portugal sounds so exotic and different! I’d love to experience hot and sunny Portugal. :) We had just given up on thoughts of rain. This is the end of our rainy season and we didn’t get much, and then it rained and rained and rained. It was delightful! Today it’s damp out, but the temperature is already in the 80′s this morning.

      Patrick and I have one dog and one cat, however Cora has three dogs and four cats, plus two cockatiels who live outside and a big fish tank of oscars. You’ll like this, since you have an iguana. She used to do iguana rescue, and she has a huge outdoor habitat that at one point housed half a dozen full-grown lizards. Now that she’s in her 60′s, she’s downsized from the lizards and found them an even bigger home at an even bigger rescue group. :)

      I’d love it if you feel like submitting your blog to the list! I’m going to start doing some beginning work on it soon, and submissions are running through the end of November. :)

  3. Rain here too! It’s rained so much I had to give in and buy the kids rain boots.

    I’m Too Sexy is really one of the best songs to be a ham to. I was singing it once, as a teenager, at the top of my lungs, while prancing back and forth on the edge of the bathtub. My mom was filling a bath. And just as I got to the “ON the CATWALK!” I turned, and did a little sashay and fell in the full tub with all my clothes on. My mom and sister laughed so hard they thought they were going to die. For my sister’s birthday I made it into short story featuring characters not unlike Ren and Stimpy and gave it to her. We still laugh about it seventeen years later.
    Terra@TheSimplePoppy recently posted..Into Autumn

    • That story is awesome Terra. I busted out laughing at the vision in my head. It sounds like you had a really relaxed and fun upbringing. :)

      I bet that song is one of the most hammed up songs of the 90′s. I can’t even remember what got Patrick singing it, all I know is I was sitting at the desk writing and he busted out with his full rendition out of the blue. I was wishing for a secret webcam and a quick upload to youtube. You all would have loved seeing it. :)

      Hmmm, I wonder if there are any more copies of your short story floating around. We’d all love to read it over at The Simple Poppy. :)

  4. Hi everyone. I originally wrote this as a much longer piece and then cut this little piece out to share with all of you. What I didn’t add: I wrote this on Sunday when an unexpected tropical storm came through. It’s a snapshot of what it’s like for all of us to live together, a small vignette of moments from one day in a life. It’s also 300 words out of many thousands of written but unpublished words. I’m slowly discovering my comfort levels with what I share and what I keep private.

    And, on that note, I wanted to share Rita from Portugal, the busy minimalist who is new to me, and interestingly discussed a similar subject on her blog this week. Then through Rita I found Astrid from Norway, Hei Astrid who shared where her comfort level and musings between what is personal sharing and what is private sharing. I enjoyed reading both Rita and Astrid’s perspectives today. And then from Astrid’s I meandered further and ran across Minna, of Time of the Aquarius who lives in Helsinki and has what might possibly be my dream home. :)

    I’m having a lazy day (not working on my book like I should be) and I thought it would be fun to share some of the lovely meanderings I found as I traveled about the web. Thank you for coming by Rita and starting the whole chain for me. :)

  5. tammy says:

    well did i love this post!!!
    from patrick’s performance … to the rain… to the thrifting with the leaking comforter…
    just loved it all! it was like a little vignette of your life. very much like the pictures of your tiny house.
    not too much to lose your privacy, but enough to share with your friends. you rock girl!
    and am going now to the three newbies on the minimalist block! can’t wait… rita, astrid and minna!
    tammy j

    • The leaking comforter, I love the way you phrased that. Maybe that’s the name of a piece on it. Hmmmm. Hope you enjoyed those new names. Days like today make me realize it’s impossible to ever round up the majority of the simple living blogs out there. They’re just prolific, and usually uncatagorized gems. Happy your day was perfect, Tammy!

  6. Simply beautiful! You give me hope for a simpler, more relaxed life (like in 16 years when kids get the boot!). And I would’ve loved to see Patrick’s rendition. These are instances of what digital cameras were made for ;) Also, if you could spare some rain, send some out west! In the high 90′s here today. I’d love to bundle up in sweaters for a cool 70 degrees :)
    Megyn @ Minimalist Mommi recently posted..Perspective

    • Hey Megyn,

      I should’ve grabbed the camera and gotten him. Patrick’s so shy about pictures being taken, for the first several years of our life together he refused them altogether claiming the native belief that they might steal his soul. I’m lucky when I snap off a shot of him, but the sexy song would have been the perfect moment, for sure. (I need my own camera. I ask permission to use his each time, and that blows any chance of getting a quick and unexpected shot snapped off.)

      I’m sending the rain energy you’re way, although we’re out of cool temperatures again and back into fading summer, which means at least 89.

  7. Lorna says:

    Very cozy story. I loved it! I grew up near the beach and tropical weather was a pretty normal thing for us. I always enjoyed tropical weather.

    • I wrote about a piece about a lightning storm I’ve never published anywhere. It sums up tropical weather for me. I enjoy it too. :) Good to see you here Lorna. :)

  8. Curtains on the line
    must be sheers, very very sheers
    unless I’m just blind

    It’s been raining here too, but it comes in long, soft soaker rains that do a lot of good and no harm at all. Except to those people who must be outdoors and can’t handle a little rain. It hasn’t stopped most of the folks who live around me.

    Your ladder cat reminds me of a cat we had once, he’d disappear occasionally and we’d search the house for him. We’d always find him lounging on the top shelf of some closet somewhere. How he got in there was always a mystery; we were not in the habit of leaving closets standing open, and got to where we were watchful when we were in one. Had to have been a teleporting cat.

    Thank you for the lovely muse.
    Allan Douglas recently posted..AAADD Reaches Epidemic Proportions

    • You’re so awesome Allan. The picture was taken on Wednesday morning, right before I published this post. The storm, ladder cat, curtains, and writing of the story all occurred on Sunday. I knew I didn’t make that clear enough. :)

      The long soakers can be so incredibly lovely too. I just love rain. One time we camped out in the rain for two or three weeks straight. I thought it was the strangest heaven but no one else did! How nice to hear about your kind of rain.

      The teleporting cat concept, that’s rich. You always come up with the funnest way of looking at things. Now I have to go see what AAADD could possibly be. :)

  9. Mia says:

    Oh how I love the rain! I wish I lived in an area where it rained more. Western Australia has legendary humidity in the summer but not so much with the rain I’m afraid. It always makes animals mental. I dont know why. I love the way pets suddenly think unusual behaviour is a great idea just because the skies have opened up.

    Best wisdom I ever heard (although its Scottish wisdom, not country, although I think the two overlap a lot) is “There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes!” I live by that.

    I love the insights into the inconsequential in your world, Tanja! xx

  10. Seeing the title, I was hoping to see cat photos. Maybe you got a good one that you’re saving for a future post?

  11. I love posts like this–a little glimpse into life. That rain was crazy last weekend, we tried to do Epcot with some friends visiting from Chicago but we gave up.

    Of course, I would like to see pictures of the cat too. ;) Our cats choose the strangest places to hide out sometimes. I’m continually “losing” one of them!
    Elle Dougherty recently posted..Happy Anniversary! The End.

  12. Penelope Fox says:

    and am going now to the three newbies on the minimalist block! What I didn’t add: I wrote this on Sunday when an unexpected tropical storm came through. And I would’ve loved to see Patrick’s rendition.
    Penelope Fox recently posted..Acne Tips

  13. Chris Shelton says:

    My mom was filling a bath. Best wisdom I ever heard (although its Scottish wisdom, not country, although I think the two overlap a lot) is “There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes!” I live by that. I just love rain.
    Chris Shelton recently posted..Swiffer Mops

  14. Kate Bill says:

    Great post. Rainy days are coming always and it really wet all the area. I know that rain is important to the environment but sometimes I don’t like the rain most especially when I am at school.
    Kate Bill recently posted..Lose Weight with Caralluma Fimbriata

  15. Adriana Howard says:

    I dont know why. :) Patrick detests both the comforter and the curtains, so we’ll see if they stay or not! How he got in there was always a mystery; we were not in the habit of leaving closets standing open, and got to where we were watchful when we were in one.
    Adriana Howard recently posted..Best Realtors in Murrieta CA

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